"Cynthia Friedlander's powerful writing chronicles her process, thoughts, but mainly her feelings as she finds her way through each new chapter of her life.  Her insights are extremely helpful. I hope she will keep writing."

Renee Landau, Breast Cancer Survivor

"Breastless Intimacy is brilliant and heartfelt, written with pure, raw honesty and concern for all  other beings."

Margo Bigge, Bilateral Mastectomy Breast Cancer Survivor

"Cynthia's poetic offering to the sobering and unromantic procedures of bilateral mastectomy is soothing and validating.  Her work connects us."

Jackie Shenkman, Breast Cancer Mastectomy Survivor/ Patient Advocate

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"Written in a clear, determined voice, each piece stands alone ... Ranging from poetic prose to reflective musings, the writing is open and honest. ... An illuminating collection of writing that's full of introspection and emotional transcendence."

​Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus Media LLC